What is iLifeSOMM

Over the past decades, people have been attempting all over the world to subject the ancient, forgotten forms of therapy to scientific investigation. Using the latest knowledge and extreme care, they have been brought together and combined in the iLifeSOMM System by a team of scientists and technologists headed by Andreas Guenther.

iLife and iLifeSOMM

The company name, iLife, comes from the English and is an abbreviation for “integral life”, in other words, holistic life. iLifeSOMM is the name of the product, with SOMM standing for Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation.


Eight recognised forms of therapy, ranging from music and relaxation therapy, to note, tonal and vibration therapy and on to magnetic resonance therapy, micro-massage and far infrared therapy have been combined in a single wellness system, the iLifeSOMM.
A pioneering achievement of Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation is the mutual harmonisation of eight different forms of vibration therapy so precisely that no interferences develop that would lead to opposing effects or even to effects that cancel one another out.


I would like to counter critics of the holistic view of our universe, vibration medicine and hence the functional principles of the iLifeSOMM System with a quotation from C. G. Jung:

“Science is the art of creating suitable illusions which the fool believes or argues against, but the wise man enjoys for their beauty or their ingenuity, without being blind to the fact that they are human veils and curtains concealing the abysmal darkness of the unknowable.”

Apples have fallen from the tree since ancient times, long before scientists invented the term “gravity”. It is the same with the holistic point of view that everything in the universe is made up of vibration, that every individual is a small universe and that there is synchronicity between the universe as macro-cosmos and each human being as a micro-cosmos, regardless of whether scientists find a rational explanation for this or not. Reality is made up of what are known as “holons,” things that are simultaneously wholes and parts.
A holon is a whole that is a part of other wholes. A whole atom is part of a whole molecule; a whole molecule is part of a whole cell; a whole cell is part of a whole body; a whole body is part of the population; the whole population is part of a whole planet; a whole planet is part of a solar system; and a whole solar system is part of the whole universe. Everything flows together with everything else in living systems and they use vibrations for mutual communication.

Harmony and disharmony, Ac-c(h)ord and mis-alignment

Imagine you go to a classical concert to hear a symphony, to which you have been looking forward for weeks. The lofty opera house is a worthy “sound box”.

It could have been such a wonderful concert – had it not been that one musician’s fiddle was so out of tune …

It is pointless to look for the reasons, but the consequences were clear: the musicians and the conductor were not in harmony (accord) but disharmony (literally out of tune), as also were those spectators who noticed it.

Now imagine that this “sound-box” was not an opera house but a human body and that the individual instruments were not violin, flute, cello, double bass, trumpet or piano but heart, lungs, liver, spleen, stomach, knee, shoulder, etc. And then imagine that one of the organs in this human body was “out of tune”.

In humans, this type of disharmony is called feeling ill, at best, or if it is worse, disease in all its embodiments and manifestations.

If an organ or area of the body is healthy it generates its own particular resonant frequency, which is in harmony (in tune) with the whole universe of the body.

We can understand this better visually if we think of the movement of a clock: imagine for a moment that we have many small cogwheels in our body (chakras). If the body is healthy, all the cogwheels (chakras) turn evenly. If one part of the body/organ is out of tune or ill, the wheel will no longer turn correctly and, consequently neither will any of the others. A blockage occurs in this body – a disorder of its harmony.

This is where iLifeSOMM comes in: if we send vibrations at the appropriate resonant frequency to the “out of tune” or diseased area of the body, we can help this area to restore its harmonious pattern, clear blockages and thus alleviate or completely resolve the disharmony.

The vibration phenomenon

Our Earth is just one among many interrelated masses in the universe and our solar system that rotate about a fixed celestial body, the heart of our universe – the Sun that gives us light and life.

Today, we are very much aware that energy vibrations can be observed constantly and without interruption in the universe. No living creature can exist in a sphere and environment that was created by energy vibration and that is constantly newly vibrating unless it has the same properties and energy channels as the external world. Thus, other living creatures, and the human body, possess a constantly vibrating flow of energy in the same way as the universe, and the energy frequencies are just as essential for life as daily nourishment.

The past few decades have seen incredibly dynamic development in science and technology; the wheel of life is turning faster and faster. Western medicine has, in some cases, taken on the rules of the scientific creed, some of which are rigid and extremely inflexible. Western medicine today sees the human body as a machine that can be altered by other human beings, so that it also analyses and treats the individual parts of this human machine: instead of revealing the problem in overall terms, it tends to renovate, replace or rehabilitate individual, defective body parts (organs).

In other words, we process and mask symptoms instead of looking for the holistic, underlying, responsible cause of the disease and the cosmic relationships.

Our Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation approach is neutrally based on the following doctrines, among others:

  • Music, notes, tone, sound, vibration, magnetic resonance, light, far infrared heat radiation = vibration = energy, of which each individual requires a sufficient amount
  • Panta rhei = everything flows (Heraclitus) – the energy available must flow freely and may not be blocked
  • All life is rhythm – the energy must be correctly distributed and in balance in the body
  • The human individual is far more than a machine
  • Every human individual is a small universe (human micro-cosmos)
  • This small universe corresponds to the large universe (macro-cosmos) and vice versa
  • Micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos affect one another
  • Interaction between internal (consciousness) and external (material) states (matter, body, mind, spirit and causal mind)
  • Everything is vibration (modern physics)
  • A holistic view of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, theology, astrology and mysticism

In this approach we are in accord with a view of humanity that stretches back thousands of years.

„Nothing in nature is random – a thing appears random only through the incompleteness of our knowledge“



The iLifeSOMM brings together knowledge that is thousands of years old and comes from every culture all over the world and combines this knowledge with up-to-the-minute computer technology.

Wellness and relaxation

The life concept of wellness is geared to wellbeing, enjoyment and good physical condition. Today, it includes, in particular, methods and applications that increase physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Personal responsibility, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress management and energy balance all play decisive roles.


The term energy is used to describe many biological, physical and mental processes in the individual. The human body needs energy to function. The interplay of physical, emotional, mental and ethereal energy fields is decisive in terms of how we feel and how healthy we are in the final analysis. But it is not enough for our body to have enough energy available, the energy also needs to be correctly distributed and no blockages must be present so that the energy is also able to flow and supply energy to the functional circuits of the body.

Just 12 minutes …

The iLifeSOMM brings about physical and mental relaxation, relieves strain on the muscles, breaks down stress and tension, and causes serenity and wellbeing within just a few minutes. It is amazingly simple and almost too good to be true. The principles on which iLifeSOMM is based are founded on knowledge that is thousands of years old, which has been implemented with the latest technology and maximum precision to provide an elegantly designed, attractive system that gives its users responsibility for their own health.

SOMM, the therapy for the third millennium

Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation, known in expert circles as SOMM for short, combines eight recognised forms of therapy, ranging from music and relaxation therapy to note, tonal and vibration therapy and on to magnetic resonance therapy, micro massage and far infrared therapy, in a single wellness system, the iLifeSOMM.

The music relaxes spirit and mind and allows the relaxation to be particularly deep. Magnetic resonance therapy increases physical wellbeing and the energy balance, stimulates the metabolism, among other things, as it reaches each individual cell of the body. This in turn leads to an improvement of the immune system and strengthens the body’s defences. Finally, tonal, note and vibration therapy and micro-massage clear any blockages that exist. The functional circuits of the body are supplied with energy. Energy needs to flow freely if blockages are to be cleared and mind, body and spirit brought into harmony. Die Ferninfrarot-Wärmestrahlung löst unter anderen die in Wassermolekülen eingekapselten Gase und Giftstoffe und beschleunigt die Ausscheidung dieser.
All the components together allow deep relaxation and regeneration to take place incredibly quickly..

The iLifeSOMM brings the functions of the body/mind/spirit system back into balance and harmony within a few minutes, clears blockages and lets the energy flow freely.


This is what you get from iLifeSOMM

To sum up, the eight forms of therapy, combined in a single wellness system, the iLifeSOMM, will bring you the following benefits, among others:
Promotion of concentration

  • Deep relaxation
  • Breakdown of stress
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Improved body awareness
  • Clearance of blockages, cramping and tension
  • Alleviation of symptoms
  • Promotion of circulation, possibly a feeling of warmth
  • Relief of pressure on the spine, the muscles and the joints
  • Quality of life into advanced old age
  • Inner calm
  • Improvement of learning difficulties and examination anxieties
  • Separation and removal of toxins and heavy metals
  • Preventive healthcare

The iLifeSOMM also works without any background knowledge on your part and whether you believe in it or not.

But: every journey, every road begins with the first step. With the iLifeSOMM you are activating your “inner healer” at a physical, mental and spiritual level. Start today and don’t wait until it is too late!

Ancient knowledge rediscovered

The action of vibration has been used for physical, mental and spiritual effects for thousands of years in cultures all around the world. Imitation of the vibration of the universe, that is responsible for the miracle of life in the whole universe as well as in each individual cell of the body, has always been intuitively understood by humanity as a means of achieving positive healing effects. This effect ultimately acts like an internal massage of the cells of the body. Physical, mental and even spiritual tensions and blockages can be cleared in this way.

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model works from the assumption that the human body has internal functional circuits or elements that correspond to an energy flow that runs partially along the surface of the body and partially just below the surface. The energy flow channels are known as “pathways” or “meridians”. Being unwell or ill are products of the interruption of this harmonious flow and may also occur, for example, as a result of an inadequate energy flow, of stagnation, of an inadequate amount of energy itself or of used energy that has not been drained away. The basic principle of TCM is to clear blockages and shift the energy in the body back to its natural, balanced state.

Since the 1970s, the doctrines of TCM have also been spreading in the awareness of people from western cultures. Meditation, herbal lore and acupuncture are forms of therapy that can be found all over the world today.

Our everyday lives are becoming faster and faster. The work sector is becoming increasingly important in the life of modern men and women and taking up increasing amounts of space and time. Little time is left for exercise and relaxation. Sleep problems are also on the increase. They not only leave one tired and performing poorly but may also lead to depression. Constantly increasing numbers of people suffer from pressure of work and stress. They are no longer able to relax and counter the pressure.

One of the things that iLife has used is the basic principle of TCM. iLifeSOMM helps to relax the body, clear blockages and take new energy on board all within a short period of time. Healing sleep is promoted in particular. Sleep and state of mind are directly linked. Sleep affects mood just as much as sleep quality is influenced by mood.

Relaxed people are radiant from within. iLifeSOMM also acts on the appearance, the skin and the hair.

Touching tones

Healers have used the health-promoting action of tones in combination with a very wide variety of spiritual practices from time immemorial. Monotonous chants accompanied by rhythmic drumming took the healer into a form of trance state and thus into contact with the counsel and support provided by the spiritual world. Sounds and tones from nature, such as the murmur of the sea and the patter of raindrops were also incorporated into healing applications.

Modern therapy forms also work with synthesiser tones based on models of classical music attuned to the rhythm of the heart, the music of the spheres, whale-song and the like. Music crosses almost every analytical and logical filter to speak directly to our emotions.

Because of its ability to evoke strong emotional reactions, music has long been linked to healing and wellbeing. Until the early days of classical antiquity, inducing trance was used deliberately to invoke the gods and drive out demons. In classical times it was assumed that sick people were in a state of disorder and that music could help to restore mental and spiritual inner harmony. The Old Testament also contains a reference to the use of music to cure diseases. In Renaissance times, the connection between the humours, particularly melancholy, and music was a matter of increasing interest. During the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the focus was on regulating the blood by means of vibration while during the Romantic period, the classical medical reference system of music moved towards a psychologically oriented focus.

The fact that listening to music can increase self-observation and self-perception is utilised in receptive music therapy. Biographically significant music is used to activate resources.

Low-energy, low-frequency magnetic fields can heal

The use of magnetic resonance fields promotes circulation and stimulates fundamental metabolic functions in every cell. This, in turn, supports the body’s powers of self-healing. The indications for low-energy, low-frequency magnetic resonance range from wound healing disorders, degenerative diseases of the locomotor system and spine, arthrosis and rheumatism, to fractures, migraine, backache, general pain alleviation, ophthalmology and dentistry, women’s problems, and on to improving performance and efficiency and regeneration for top-class athletes. The daily use of magnetic resonance therapy for preventive healthcare is high-priority here.

Because magnetic fields can penetrate clothing, it is easy to carry out an application. Fractures can be treated through the plaster cast. Magnetic fields cannot be felt but some users report a feeling of warmth or a slight prickling as a result of the application. This means that the promotion of circulation in the limbs may be perceptible.

Physical and mental relaxation

The relaxation response manifests at a neuronal level in activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the sympathetic nervous system. At the physical level, muscle tone is reduced, reflex activity decreases, peripheral blood vessels dilate, heart-rate slows, arterial blood pressure falls, oxygen consumption decreases, skin conductivity reduces and, in the central nervous system, the brains’ electrical activity and neurovascular activity are altered. At a psychological level, the user experiences serenity, contentment and wellbeing as part of the relaxation response, and powers of concentration and the ability to differentiate physical perceptions are improved.

Frequent repetition of the relaxation response aims to establish and stabilise it in the central nervous system. The longer a relaxation procedure is practised, in other words, the more often the relaxation response is repeated, the longer it can last in everyday life situations, as a result of conditioning processes.

An increase in wellbeing and alleviation or better control of symptoms brought about in this way strengthens the perception of self-efficacy, self-control and self-competence.