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“I was very sceptical when I tried it but even in the first few minutes on the couch you switch off totally and after 12 minutes you feel very calm, strong, at ease and very relaxed.”

Tina Palmowski – Director of the Ellington Hotel, Berlin

“I have never before been able to relax so well in 12 minutes as on this couch. My back is always a problem because of an accident many years ago and chronic job-related stress. This couch relaxes, calms and awakes fresh energies in my body. I can only recommend it.”

Philipp Hallenberger – Managing Director

“After just 12 minutes on the couch, I was almost as relaxed as after deep meditation. A wonderful opportunity of getting rid of stress, boosting one’s batteries and simply “being better”!”

Kerstin Linnartz – Presenter

“I was amazed that I could feel the effect after just one use. I felt as I do after meditating – totally in tune with myself, clear-headed and relaxed.”

Jasmin Weber – Marketing boss VERTU

“The combinations of music and massage are fantastic. I decide on the program and get what I need, whether that is relaxation or revitalisation.”

Hendrikje Kopp – VIP editor, RTL Television

“The iLifeSOMM couch was recommended to me by a girlfriend and just one trial left me totally converted. Where else can one achieve healing relaxation in such a short time?”

Guido Maria Kretschmer – Fashion designer

“The small amount of time required means that I can incorporate the couch between individual appointments and thus always remain fully focused.”

Frida Weyer – Designer

“The 12 minutes of “time out” on the couch are like a mini-holiday for me. The small amount of time required means that I can incorporate the couch between individual appointments and thus always remain fully focused. As I am deeply relaxed I can then cope optimally with the stresses of my everyday life.”

David Reichert – PR Manager

I am 67 years old and have been using the iLifeSOMM for about 2 years. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are excellent. I use no drugs apart from eye-drops. Even my previous back pain is now in the past. A gastric flu, which would usually have lasted for 5 days, was over in just one day without any residual consequences of fatigue and weakness. Our one-year-old grandson also falls asleep much better, even when teething. I am delighted with iLifeSOMM and can recommend it to anyone who has a bit of a “sore spot” – or even a big one!

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I had suffered from headaches since my youth. These became worse and worse and degenerated into extreme migraine headaches, which sometimes caused vomiting. As a result, I often had to take painkillers. These, in turn, caused sleep problems, lack of sleep and fatigue. Since I have been using iLifeSOMM at the SPA Premium in Triesen, I have noticed an improvement that I would never have believed possible. Thanks to iLifeSOMM I once more have my well-deserved sleep and the headaches have reduced enormously.

Giuseppe Vatalaro – Azmoos, CH

I have been using a pulsed magnetic field system very intensively for more than seven years because of my joint and back problems. When I encountered the iLifeSOMM I was sceptical about whether it would be able to help with my problems in the same way because it had no applicator. My scepticism has now given way to delight because I feel even better than before, and the nice thing about it is that I save a lot of time and it is more enjoyable to use. To sum up: very much to be recommended!

Dipl. Ing. Armin Wenski – Obernburg, DE

In the last quarter of 2010 I was under major professional stress because of handing over my business; my work had to be done standing up and I was already at the edge of burn-out. It was precisely at this time that my husband and I met Mr. Pretschuh and the iLifeSOMM. Since then I have been using it regularly 2 to 3 times a day. I would like to mention, in particular, the fact that my lower back pain, general backache and joint pains have improved significantly without my taking any medication. The sensational effect creates a real “energy boost and entrepreneurial spirit” for me!

Gertrude Jarvornik – Graz, AT

“Unfortunately, my wife and I found out about this wonderful system far too late!” After a few uses in the Graz iLifeSPA it was immediately clear to us that this system belonged in our home. No way would I like to be without the positive effects anymore because it has an extremely relaxing effect on me, I am immediately absolutely and deeply relaxed and am able to revitalise myself within a very short time and without any side effects. One always questions any purchase of this size … but we would make the same decision again without hesitation as regards the purchase of this system!

Franz Jarvornik – Graz, AT

I had had pain in my left shoulder for a long time and was worried that I would have to have an operation. I went to the iLifeSPA in Vienna where measurements were taken and I was given a free trial. The pain had improved by the next day so I decided to buy an iLifeSOMM and I was free of pain within just two weeks. I am totally delighted.

Raimund Wolf – Gänserndorf, AT

At the age of 85, I pay a great deal of attention to my health and have done so for 35 years. My motto is: “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. A doctor I know drew my attention to the SOMM System. I was immediately delighted with the iLifeSOMM, bought it straightaway and use it daily as a supplement to a deliberate attitude to life. After using it in the morning I have plenty of strength and energy, which last all day, and, as a result, I fall asleep very easily. This system acts holistically on body, mind and spirit and thus on the causes of disharmony in the human organism.

Maria Ogrizek – Graz, AT

We treat ourselves to music, vibration and magnetic field stimulation every day (usually several times). The direct audible and tangible elements (music and vibrations) are a real pleasure! These two elements alone tempt one to use this wonderful system on a daily basis. The magnetic field, which cannot be perceived directly, is a “bonus” so to speak and plays its own part in the feeling of wellbeing. Aches and pains after a walk or other physical exertion can be eliminated within a short time with this system, for example. We would sum up by saying that the general feeling of wellbeing is sensational!

Silvia und Guido Bruni – Uetliburg, CH

Using the iLifeSOMM is an unforgettable experience. You can feel your muscles loosening during the application and the whole body relaxing. I often suffer from poor circulation in my legs as a result of sitting for a long time in the office but after a 12 minute application, I can feel that my circulation has been restored to an optimum condition. I am delighted and can only recommend it to others.

Nathalie Bernet – Uznach, CH

I have been using the iLifeSOMM for over a year now and every day I rejoice anew over its applications. The versatility of the music, the indescribable feel of the vibrations, and the gentle action of the magnetic field all let my body drift into total relaxation and, at the same time, I can let go of all my thoughts. The fact that I am also providing optimum support to my health with the iLifeSOMM gives me security and is the basis of my preventive healthcare.

Oscar Bernet jun. – Uznach, CH

I play golf – and just can’t wait to use the iLifeSOMM before and after a round. Stimulation and regeneration with a feeling of floating – I can only advise everyone to try it as soon as possible and buy one of these systems!

Andrea Dermota – Salzburg, AT

I tried it once and had to have it! A wonderful experience every time – pure regeneration – and above all I would not like ever again to do without the relaxation and “inner journeying” that depends on the music I select.

Margit Scharrer – Steyr, AT

Simply great – the iLifeSOMM gives me a bit more quality of life! I am a wheelchair athlete – the transverse lesion in my spine is a very high one, at the 4/5 thoracic vertebra – with the iLifeSOMM I feel as if I am floating on ocean waves and with each “wave” I can feel my body – so I just can’t do without my daily applications anymore! Apart from all the other benefits, such as improved circulation, strengthening my immune system, etc., simply “FEELING” my body is an indescribable feeling! I am encouraged to regain my world champion’s title of “Best-built athlete in a wheelchair”.

Kenrick Palmer – Traun, AT

In January 2010, I was introduced to the iLifeSOMM while away for a curative spa treatment and I have used it regularly ever since. Until that time I had major health problems, such as restless legs syndrome, depression, sleep problems, back pain as a result of a slipped disc, migraine, and severe muscular tension. Partial success occurred after just a few applications. What I find nice about it is that after only about 1 month all my symptoms had disappeared permanently. I can and would urge everyone to do something for their health and am very happy to recommend this super, new achievement.

Edith Brunnhofer – Kainbach, AT

Ms. S. from Schwarmstedt had heard that we have an iLifeSOMM at home and wanted to try out the iLifeSOMM. It turned out that she had very severe pain in her hip and lower back. She had been suffering from this condition for a very long time. We selected the “Quick Start Long” program for her first application. She came back for the next three days and the relaxation was enormous. Each time she fell into a very deep sleep. She was totally delighted because everything became far, far easier and her pain was reducing every day. Now, 8 weeks later, Ms. S. is totally free of pain.

Olaf Skirde – Schwarmstedt, DE

Preventive healthcare is a very important topic for me; I play a lot of sport, exercise in the fresh air and also ensure that I have sufficient rest. In June 2009, I was introduced to the iLifeSOMM and have been using it regularly twice a day ever since. I have to say that for me the iLifeSOMM is the best regenerating option there is. When I use it I experience absolute deep relaxation within a few seconds, enjoy the music and the pleasant microvibration and afterwards I always feel as if I have been reborn. A duty for everyone who wants to give their body the best!

Harald Pretschuh – Windischgarsten, AT

I run a bed and breakfast establishment and offer the iLifeSOMM couch to my guests as a special service. The use of the iLifeSOMM couch is accepted with great enjoyment. Holidaymakers feel fit again more quickly after a walk. Some even report that their pains have disappeared or greatly reduced. I want my guests to feel well on their holiday. I recommend everyone to try this couch.

Melitta Krasser – Ligist, AT

I have been using the iLifeSOMM couch for 2 years and can really say that I can relax completely on this couch. When I first encountered this couch my first thought was that the music was pleasant and relaxing but always the same? Now, two years later, I have to say that I always use the same music because it lets me relax properly. I use the couch before and after sport. I make my kick-boxers use the couch between fights to help them recover more quickly. Improved performance and permitted doping.
Kick-boxing trainer

Karl Garber – Wies, AT

I had an accident at work 15 years ago and have been suffering from the annoyance of tinnitus ever since. It is a very high note, a high frequency and constant. Four minutes after using the iLifeSOMM couch in my GP’s practice for the first time the tinnitus disappeared for 6 to 7 hours. Disappeared as if it had dissolved into nothing. Admittedly it returned after 6 to 7 hours but I now go to the doctor every day to enjoy this miracle couch there. I recommend anyone suffering from tinnitus to try this iLifeSOMM couch.

Karl Kickenweitz – Graz, AT

The iLifeSOMM, pure wellness at home, is part of our daily preventive healthcare ritual. We use the versatile active components therapeutically and to promote health. We believe in personal responsibility and independence into advanced old age. The investment was worthwhile. We are more resistant to stress and more efficient, our susceptibility to disease has significantly reduced. We used to be tired, drained, unfocused, restless, and tense and were no longer able to regenerate. We are thankful that there are people who never give up looking for something new that is in harmony with nature!

Marie-Luise Fercher – Wohlen, CH