iLifeSPAs in public places

iLifeSPAs are publicly accessible locations, authorised and certified by iLife International. Health and wellbeing are the focal points of these facilities, along with recovery from the stresses of everyday life. Let yourself be pampered with gentle oscillations, vibrations, notes and tones.

Treat to a relaxing “time out”.

We distinguish between the following facilities depending on design, equipment and location:

  1. iLifeSPA Station
  2. iLifeSPA Station medwell
  3. iLifeSPA Premium
  4. iLifeSPA Premium medwell
  5. iLifeSPA DeLux
  6. iLifeSPA DeLux medwell
  7. iLifeSPA Suite


You can enjoy the iLifeSOMM System in an iLifeSPA. Explore the variety of iLifeSOMM programs and discover the program that is best for you so as to enjoy the maximum wellbeing. Ask about the various application options: everything is possible from a single session to a planned schedule of use. The professionally trained staff will be happy to advise you.

iLifeSPA medwell

An iLifeSPA medwell location also has at least one iLifeSTAT energy status measuring station available. In an iLifeSPA, trained staff will measure your energy status using the iLifeSTAT measuring system. This will determine your energy condition and treatment can then be specifically adapted to your personal requirements. In this way you will experience the best adjustments and optimum effects of the iLifeSOMM System.

Find an iLifeSPA Premium in your vicinity and simply pop in during the opening hours listed. It is a good idea to telephone in advance for energy status measurements so as to avoid having to wait.

iLifeSPA Suite

You can enjoy the iLifeSOMM System in the privacy of your own room in an iLifeSPA Suite in a hotel.


You can find all iLifeSPA locations on the website at