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While the term wellness was often used in the past in connection with “taking the waters” and health spa treatments, “wellness” today is frequently seen in the context of wellness hotels, wellness holidays, wellness breaks or in conjunction with a wellness weekend or wellness trip. So wellness can be described as a combination of health and wellbeing.

Today’s hotel guest not only expects outstanding quality and excellent service with respect to accommodation and culinary services. As a health-conscious person he or she doesn’t want to forget about fitness even during a business or holiday trip.

The iLifeSOMM System is thus an outstanding supplement to existing offers and equipment. The iLifeSOMM System relaxes body, mind and spirit in just 12 minutes, as well as improving the effects of massages and workouts. iLifeSOMM can also help acquire day guests for the health spa sector of the hotel. Another area in which the iLifeSOMM System can be used in hotels, in addition to the health spa, is to fit out rooms and suites as iLifeSPA suites to provide guests with special, individual relaxation in private.

Areas of application

  • Wellness and spa area
  • Gym area
  • Massage department
  • Lounge
  • Rooms and suites
  • Staff and management