For fitness and wellness facilities

The trend towards greater health awareness, which, for the great majority of people includes exercise and relaxation as well as a healthy diet, is unstoppable. Over 7 million people in Germany were members of a gym in 2009. The most important factors here, in addition to modern equipment, are variety and a wide range of provision for relaxation afterwards.

This is where the iLifeSOMM System constitutes an outstanding addition. In just 12 minutes, eight recognised forms of therapy act on body, mind and spirit, calming and relaxing them, correcting imbalances and clearing blockages both internally and externally. The muscular regeneration is being promoted.

Areas of application in the fitness and wellness field

  • Before training to improve performance
  • After training for regeneration
  • Generally, to relax body, mind and spirit
  • As preventive healthcare
  • Gym
  • Beauty salon
  • Day spa
  • Lounge
  • Waiting rooms, in airports, stations, etc., for example
  • For staff and management