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The body structure

The surface of the couch is soft so as to ensure comfort and relaxation during use. The material is an easy-care product which can also withstand disinfectant. It can be wiped down with a dry or damp cloth, using a conventional mild detergent if necessary.

The body structure can be easily folded together making it simple to transport. It is asymmetrically divided so that the upper body can lie on a continuous surface without any pressure points.




Operator terminal

The operator terminal is used to control all the functions of the iLifeSOMM System. It has a touch-sensitive surface (touch-screen) and is operated by fingertip contact.

You simply select the status (energy, stimulation, balance, relax) you want to achieve. A total of 4 SOMM-Senso and 5 SOMM-Sonic programs are available for selection, including 1 AUX program.

The period of use is between 4 and 32 minutes depending on the program. You can choose from 48 different pieces of music composed specially for the iLifeSOMM.

You can adjust audio volume, balance and intensity of the vibrations at any time during use.

Use the language selector to choose from six languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Slovenian.

At the end of the session, the System switches off automatically.



Headphones are included in the delivery to transmit the music. They are plugged into the socket at the side using a 3.5 mm jack.

For the best audio enjoyment and optimum screening out of environmental noise, we recommend headphones with a Noise Cancelling System, such as
Bose QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones or
Bose QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones (3.5 mm jack).
The headphones can be obtained from specialist shops and are not available from iLife Int.

Protective covers are available for commercial use in order to comply with hygiene regulations.



Connection panel and bag

The headphones (3.5 mm jack) and the operator terminal (RJ45 socket) are connected at the connection sockets at the side.

The headphones and operator terminal can be stored in the practical bag at the side. This means that they are also both within reach at all times during use.

The operator terminal can also be held in a movable gooseneck depending on the model.




Knee and neck cushions

The cushions are of viscoelastic material that adapts optimally to the body. This relieves pressure on the spine. The narrow cushion is for the neck, the wider one for the back of the knees.

These cushions are included as standard.




Control unit with connections

The connections for the power supply, software stick and an AUX input are located at the bottom of the foot section.

A normal 230 V mains connection is sufficient to run the iLifeSOMM.
The user software is stored on a USB stick, which is simply plugged in here. By changing the stick you can update easily and so always keep up with the latest version without having to change the hardware.
An additional audio input (AUX) provides the option of connecting an external audio source (CD player, iPod, etc.)

A cover panel is optionally available for this to prevent unauthorised removal of the USB stick (by children, for example).




Base frame

A special base frame provides the hard, flat base required. It also prevents the body structure from sliding. The height including the iLifeSOMM is about 55 cm.

Depending on the model, this base frame also supports the panelling and integrated LED lighting. It can also be folded for ease of transport and will then fit into any car boot (trunk).




Base frame with panelling

The screw-mounted panelling allows for ease of assembly and, with the “iLifeSPA” lettering, ensures a unique appearance. The integrated LED lighting gives you a choice of 7 colours or an automatic sequence of colours with soft transitions. They create the desired colour mood in the room at the touch of a button.