8-D system

iLifeSOMM, Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation is a worldwide unique eight-dimensional system (8D), which combines eight effective therapy forms in a single system. Sound from notes, tones and music, vibrations, micro-massage, magnetic resonance and relaxation therapy benefit the whole person.

  1. Music therapy
  2. Magnetic resonance therapy
  3. Vibration therapy
  4. Note therapy (sound-wave therapy)
  5. Tonal therapy (sound-wave therapy)
  6. Micro massage
  7. Relaxation therapy
  8. Far infrared therapy

In principle, SOMM therapy is based on finely tuned action of the eight components at both the physical and the mental level.

1. Music therapy

In receptive music therapy as used in the iLifeSOMM System, music is used in a targeted fashion to achieve a therapeutic effect. Receptive music therapy, the passive perception of music, is the oldest form of music therapy. Music composed specifically for use with the iLifeSOMM allows the body to undergo deep relaxation and helps to restore, preserve and promote spiritual, physical and mental health.

Fields of application for music therapy

  • In curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare
  • With somatic, mental, psychosomatic and psychiatric diseases and people with damage, disability and impairment
  • Psychiatric and psychosomatic care institutions
  • In cases of eating disorders, anxiety problems, somatisation disorders and depression
  • In paediatric and adolescent psychiatry
  • In cases of development disorders, social behaviour disorders, attention deficit disorders, and anxiety disorders and depression
  • In the rehabilitation sector for neurological diseases
  • For patients in persistent vegetative state
  • In the early stages of rehabilitation for children, young people and adults
  • In cases of multiple sclerosis
  • In cases of Parkinson’s diseases and stroke
  • In the special needs education sector
  • With severely and multiply disabled people
  • With children with delayed or impaired development
  • In homes for the elderly and in geriatric psychiatry
  • For tinnitus
  • For chronic pain
  • For migraine
  • For cancer
  • For preventive healthcare

2. Magnetic resonance therapy

The most widespread and successful magnetic resonance therapy procedure in the world is used in the iLifeSOMM System, developed by a team of medical, biological and physics experts led by Andreas Guenther. This procedure is already being used successfully by over 150,000 people, doctors, therapists and other medical professionals. A magnetic field generator in the iLifeSOMM System uses specific frequency bundles, which imitate those found in nature (reflected saw-tooth pulses), to generate a low-frequency, low-energy electromagnetic field that is gently transmitted to the body via an intelligent technology in which a coil is wound over a large area. The magnetic fields penetrate clothing and the body completely without the user feeling it at all.

This stimulates fundamental metabolic functions in every cell, which, in turn, supports the body’s powers of self-healing.

Magnetic resonance therapy influences:

  • Circulation
  • The flow properties of the blood
  • Oxygen supply
  • Breathing
  • Cell metabolism
  • Electrolyte flow
  • Fat metabolism
  • Action potentials
  • Nutrient transport
  • The intestines
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Cardiovascular behaviour
  • Wound healing
  • Callus formation
  • Regeneration capacity
  • The lymphatic system
  • The Psyche
  • Stress

Summary of indications and fields of application of magnetic resonance therapy

  1. General:
    For supplement to the therapy in curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare.
  2. For prophylactic preservation of health:
    1. For stress reduction, relaxation and regeneration
    2. For general improvement of physical and mental efficiency
    3. To increase immune defences
    4. For the treatment of every sort of pain (e.g. migraine)
    5. For circulatory disorders – high and low blood pressure
    6. For disorders of sugar and lipid metabolism
    7. For various allergies
    8. For a compromised immune system
    9. For preventive healthcare
  3. As a therapy back-up after accidents and surgery:
    1. For more rapid bone healing without muscle loss
    2. For better wound healing
    3. For improved tissue regeneration
  4. As a therapy back-up in the case of chronic diseases:
    1. Multiple sclerosis
    2. Ankylosing spondylitis
    3. Crohn’s disease
    4. Tinnitus
    5. Rheumatic diseases
    6. Allergies
  5. As a therapy back-up for acute, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal and locomotor systems:
    1. Arthritis
    2. Polyarthritis
    3. Arthrosis
    4. Spondylarthrosis
    5. Osteoporosis
    6. Slipped disc
  6. For the treatment of or as a therapy back-up for:
    1. A wide variety of pain (e.g. migraine)
    2. Circulatory disorders
    3. High and low blood pressure
    4. Disorders of lipid metabolism
    5. Menstrual pain
    6. Menopausal symptoms
    7. Sinusitis
    8. Urinary and rectal incontinence
    9. Heart diseases
    10. Disorders of the lymphatic vessels
    11. Psoriasis
    12. Asthma
    13. Depression
    14. Sleep disorders
    15. Sciatica
    16. Skin diseases
    17. Diseases of the digestive system, such as gastritis and small ulcers
    18. Tinnitus
  7. In sports medicine:
    1. For build-up during training and when preparing for competitions
    2. For relaxation after competitions
    3. For the rapid breakdown of bruising
    4. For contusions and pulled muscles
    5. To strengthen muscles and promote endurance
    6. To improve unsatisfactory joint stabilisation
    7. In cases of painful overload of tendons and muscles
    8. For tennis elbow

3. Vibration therapy

Because the human body consists of at least 70% liquid it provides the optimum preconditions for the transmission of vibration. The gentle vibrations of the iLifeSOMM System cause every one of the approximately 70 billion cells of the entire body to vibrate and act as amplifiers for almost inaudible but intensively perceptible frequencies. Among the effects of this are the loosening of physical tension and cramps and the clearance of energy blockages.

Fields of application for vibration therapy

  • For supplement to the therapy in curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare
  • For clearanc of energy blockages
  • To increase the efficiency of muscle performance
  • To counteract the breakdown of bone
  • To stimulate bone growth
  • To reduce bone loss in bedridden patients and prevent muscle breakdown
  • To increase the jumping height of athletes
  • To reduce blood glucose levels in Type II diabetes
  • For cerebral motor disorders
  • To increase performance efficiency and coordination in older people
  • For preventive healthcare

Studies on sound-wave vibration couches

Experimental and research series over many years with individual components of SOMM therapy have already yielded amazing successes in a wide variety of fields; these results have been and can be improved even further by means of their combination in the iLifeSOMM System.

One of the most recent studies refers to the use of sound-wave vibration couches in a therapeutic context and was carried out in the Faculty of Psychology of Vienna University. The results of this study are also amazing.

The sound-wave vibration couch allows centring for people who are out of balance and who want to feel at one once more both with themselves and with the world. It makes it possible to feel “that I can come to the centre of and with myself” without any medication and with relatively little therapeutic activity. Clients who do not want to work with therapists can achieve healing relaxation states with the couch largely independently. In this context, the couch thus bypasses very general and fundamental resistance to therapy and therapists.

In the field of trauma therapy, the sound-wave vibration couch is a gentle medium for assisting in the processing and healing of mental trauma. In particular, clients with physical symptoms of their trauma respond very well to the couch since it is evidently able to integrate the body in the healing process in a highly specific manner. The positive changes in the perception of “I” and of the “World” reported by clients are a critical factor in the healing process.

Almost all children in the constantly increasing group of hyperactive children (ADHD) will become calm in the course of an application, assume a relaxed posture, close their eyes and let themselves be “cocooned” in the experience. Autistic children also respond to the couch with astonishing intensity.

Children with cerebral palsy can be stimulated by sound waves and vibrations. Because it is so gentle, the couch also allows the children and young people to re-immerse themselves in a perception of intactness. Positive experiences have also been reported from the coaching and empowerment sectors.

A large proportion of tinnitus patients are another “enthusiastic” client group. The sound-wave vibration couch enabled four out of five of those affected to forget the tinnitus noise and relax, which does not take place in the majority of cases with “normal” relaxation.

Similar effects are reported by elderly people with hearing problems. They stressed how pleasant it was to “feel” the notes.

Female clients with menstrual pain also reported that the couch was extremely effective.

The author of the study, the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Psychology at Vienna University, also emphasises the fact that the field of couples therapy and mediation might be a very promising therapeutic area. The couch yielded amazing experiences, described by clients as extremely positive.

4. Note and 5. Tonal therapy (sound-wave therapy)

Notes and tones specifically calculated for use with iLifeSOMM, together with specially composed music with predefined frequency components cause either the entire body or the individual parts of the body desired to vibrate in a targeted manner, in accordance with the law of resonance. A computer-controlled multi-channel system activates three actuators (sound generators), which use note, tone and music feeds to transmit gentle micro-vibrations in the range of infra-sound, audible sound and ultrasound via precisely calculated resonating structures in the application couch.

Fields of application for sound therapy

  • For supplement to the therapy in curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare
  • To calm, harmonise and relax
  • To clear physical and energy blockages
  • As support in the processing of traumatisation
  • For preventive healthcare

6. Micro massage

Massage in the broadest sense is one of the oldest medications known to humanity. The positive effects of massages have been proven in various clinical tests and trials and are thus scientifically recognised. The action of the micro-massage in the iLifeSOMM System extends from the location on the body being treated over the whole organism, including the mind.

Indications for massage

  • For supplement to the therapy in curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare
  • Tension
  • Muscle knots
  • Diseases of the locomotor system, such as spinal syndromes
  • Post-traumatic changes
  • Neurology
  • Paresis, spasticity, neuralgia and sensory losses
  • Stress
  • Psychosomatic clinical pictures relating principally to the cardiovascular system
  • For preventive healthcare

Mechanisms of action of massage

  • Local increase in circulation
  • Reduction of blood pressure and pulse-rate
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Loosening of adhesions and scar tissue
  • Improved wound healing
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Influence on internal organs via reflex arcs
  • Mental relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Improvement of cell metabolism in the tissue
  • Relaxation of skin and connective tissue
  • Influence on the vegetative nervous system

7. Relaxation therapy

The totality of these individual procedures, which are entirely attuned to one another in the iLifeSOMM by means of “octaving”, i.e. the halving or doubling of the individual frequencies and oscillation patterns, results in a relaxation response by the whole body within just a few minutes.

Effects of relaxation therapy

  • Loosening of current tension states
  • Reduction of chronic tension states
  • Greater general serenity
  • Better self-regulating ability
  • Mental and physical disorders and diseases

Fields of application for relaxation therapy

  • For supplement to the therapy in curative, rehabilitative, health promoting and preventive fields and aftercare
  • Stress-related disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and adjustment disorders,
  • Mild to moderate depression, speech disorders, attention deficit syndromes,
  • Disorders following substance abuse
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Peripheral circulatory disorders,
  • Asthma
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Headache of the migraine and tension type,
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual function disorders and somatoform disorders
  • In psychotic disorders, severe episodes of depression, obsessive compulsive disorders and hypochondriac disorders
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychosomatic medicine
  • In psychotherapy procedures geared both to depth psychology and behavioural therapy
  • Psychosomatic clinics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports therapy
  • Wellness sector
  • For preventive healthcare

8. Far infrared heat radiation

The active principle

FIRThe far infrared heat rays (FIR) with a wave frequency of 7-15 micrometers (µm) are, as displayed in the ray chart, a small section of the natural sunlight. The crucial matter for the effect of these heat rays is that they correspond precisely to the heat radiation of the human body, which also has a wave frequency of 7-15 µm. For that reason, these far infrared heat rays can penetrate 5-7 cm into the skin and thereby heat the cells and tissue as well as the skin, muscles, blood and lymph vessels. The resonant absorption of the far infrared rays by our body cells causes vibration and rotation effects at a molecular level, which in turn results in a physiological level in an improved microcirculation, an expansion of the capillaries with enhanced blood circulation, an increased in the metabolism and a splitting of water molecules polluted with toxins.

Areas of application

The far infrared heat application is very suitable for both private use and for doctors, non-medical practitioners, physiotherapists, massage practices, etc.:

The private user applies the far infrared heat rays for deep relaxation, for muscle and back pains, for activating the circulation, problems with the skin, for general health care, for strengthening the immune system, in the event of colds, sinus problems and, in particular, to support decontamination processes.

The following applies for professional users:
All your treatment types and applications are supported and intensified, self-healing is activated.

iLifeFIR for prevention

The effect of the deep heat of an infrared heat system is comparable to a fever reaction of the body. Due to the fever reaction, the body is able to kill bacteria and viruses or to greatly prevent their proliferation and at to simultaneously increase the number of white blood cells that fight infectious diseases. That is the ideal prevention.

The ancient-era doctor Parmenides said already more than 2,000 years ago:
„Give me the possibility to artificially cause a fever and I will heal every disease.“

Far infrared heat rays are very pleasant, relaxing, beneficial and applied in the following cases, among others:

  • Detox processes, blood cleaning, improvement of the blood flow
  • Digestive disruptions, stomach and gut problems, gastritis
  • Varicose veins, circulation problems
  • Skin irritations, eczema and neurodermitis
  • Asthma, sinusitis, neuropathy
  • Muscle, joint, nerve and scar pains
  • Stiffness of joints, strains and sport injuries
  • Inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism
  • Weak immune system, prevention

iLifeFIR far infrared instructions

The iLifeFIR is a compact system that is easy to operate.


On the operating part, select the desired period of application (4 – 48 mins) and the temperature (29° – 45°C) and enjoy a full body application in a lying position. The iLifeFIR applicator with the surface made of high-quality Alcantara materials has a good feel to it and the viscose-elastic core ideally suited to your body. The device deactivates automatically after the set time.

Thanks to the various temperature settings, various physiological effects can be supported:

Setting 37°C

balancing, equating, to relax muscles, prevention, etc.

Setting 29°/33°C

sedating, soothing, relaxing, for well-being, prevention, etc.

Setting 41°/45°C

toning, simulating, for detox, prevention, etc.

The iLifeFIR system can be optionally operated in individual more or ideally with the iLife-SOMM in combination.

E-smog free application

The iLifeFIR system is fitted with a unique shield that allows an e-smog free application.

Proof of effect

To show the effects of the RIH rays on the human body, dark field examinations of a drop of live blood were carried out before and after the far infrared applications.

The specialist doctor for general medicine and naturopathy, Peter Jennrich, reported in an article of CoMed in December 2009:
„Before the heat radiation with far infrared rays, a clear clumping (rouleaux formation) of the erythrocytes was found, with a white glimmering edge as an indication of a strong acid pollution.
After treatment, a clearly visible de-clumping of the red blood cells can be seen.
This is a sign for an improvement of the microcirculation in the end flow area and therefore an increase in the supply of the cells with oxygen and nutrients as well as an improved removal of carbon dioxide and other cell toxins. The cell detox, on the one hand, and the cell nutrition, on the other hand, are therefore strongly activated by the improvement of microcirculation. The cell metabolism is accelerated and intensified. The supply of the cells with oxygen and nutrients is improved. Metabolism products, bacteria, viruses and waste are quickly removed and discharged.“

Effects on the organism

  • Improved microcirculation from strong rotation and oscillation effects at a molecular level
  • Improved oxygen and nutrient transport
  • Increase in substance exchange between blood and tissue
  • Splitting and discharge of toxins enclosed in water molecule clusters
  • Stimulation of the lymph system and tissue detox
  • Increased activity of the leukocytes, with increase in immune competence
  • Promotes regeneration and healing

Med. scientific studies

Contemporary research has been examining the effects of far infrared rays (FIR) on the human organism in the form of studies for about 30 years.

Dr Yamasaki Toshio, head of a clinic in Japan, has the longest-standing experience in researching and applying far infrared heat rays.

She writes in her book: The scientific basis and therapeutic benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy in Human history and publishing house, S. Kyou, May 1987

„One of the main reasons for the positive effect of far infrared rays on the most varied diseases in the human body is the ability of the rays to free the cells from embedded toxins. These toxins and deposits are often the trigger of sicknesses of various kinds.
Toxins that cannot be discharged immediately are, for instance, encapsulated in water molecules in the blood. The blood flow is slowed and thereby the metabolism and supply of the cells prevented.

However, if far infrared rays with the body equivalent frequency of 7-15 micrometers meet such a water molecule cluster, which is polluted, this molecule cluster resonates, starts to oscillate and the ion compounds of the atoms of the water molecule cluster are reduced. The cluster breaks apart and the encapsulated gases and other toxic substances are released and can be discharged in a natural way.“